Let’s Get it Started in here….

Queue Black Eyed Peas music please!

In anticipation of the arrival of our new dining room set (scheduled for delivery next Saturday) and sparked by the delivery of our new couch, I was not so secretly planning on tearing out the carpet in the dining room and living room. I have in fact been talking about tearing up this carpet since before we even bought the house. First the plan was to do it last weekend, and the weekend before that, but sometimes Hurricane Irene comes along and messes up your plans! So when I informed Max of my intentions to tear out the carpet this past Thursday, I was surprised he didn’t seem too prepared to hear me say that TODAY IS THE DAY!

Here are a few before pictures of our living room and dining room prior to the arrival of the couch.

Above is the view from the far left corner of the picture below. For those of you who don’t know Elsie, she is our boxer. She’s a ham, so she will be in many more pictures.

This is the view from on top of the stairs. The room has been like this since we moved in, and after some preliminary lay out planning we decided to go couch shopping. If you referred to the preliminary lay out, you’ll see the initial design had a sectional sofa. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a sectional sofa that met our requirements (detachable back pillows, tall back, and priced right).  Our first step was moving out all the furniture, well except for the new couch because there was no where to place it.

We started in the far left corner of the picture above and then worked toward the front. Here I am below, really working hard to pull up the padding. (Posing here, it’s way easier than I’m making it look)

I scored the carpet using a utility knife (being careful not to dig into the hardwood below) to make into sizable rolls for Max to take out and load into the truck. The padding was already in nice size sections, so we just rolled it up and hauled it out. About 20 minutes later, the easy work was finished. Next came the tedious part, removing all of the staples used to affix the padding to the floor. We  popped up the staples using flat head screw driver, and we used a small pair of vice grip pliers for the trickier ones. The staples and removing the double sided tape left  took  just under two hours with both of us working at it!

There was one fairly major discolored location of the hardwood. You can  see it on the left side in the picture above. Here it is close up, and isn’t it  great luck that it was also the location of the double sided tape -I wonder if it’s more than a coincidence?

Overall, we are pretty happy with the condition of the floor. After sweeping and swiftering, we moved all the furniture back into the room. We aren’t even close to being finished the grand plan for this area, but this part of the project took about 4 hours from start of moving the furniture to clean up. Below is a before and after for close comparison! We are very happy to have hardwood again!

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