Demo Denial

Last night as I walked out of our bathroom, I heard this little ‘scrape scuff’ and I thought to myself – is the marble threshold loose? I used my foot and attempted to scoot the threshold to repeat the sound. Nothing moved and no sound happened. That quickly I forgot about it! Then this morning came as I’m walking out of the bathroom, ‘scrape scuff’, WHAT? What is that sound?! It was coming from a spot in the middle of the doorway about 1 ft into the bathroom. I found the spot and again, ‘scrape scuff’, ‘scrape scuff’, ‘scrape scuff”! Then BAM it hits me, there is freaking tile under these vinyl stick-ons. OMG – didn’t these people do any demolition in this house before installing updates? No apparently, demo was a foreign concept to them.

The rest of my day went by pretty uneventful, and I even managed to wait until after work to bring it up to Max. (I’m in a strange mood today.) Once I told Max about it, I couldn’t wait any longer, and I had to peel up one of the vinyl stick on tiles to find out what was underneath. I picked an inconspicuous place inside of the linen closet and lifted the vinyl to find…PINK MOSAIC TILE! Whoa.

I’m not quite sure how I’m feeling about the pink tile right now, but I do know it makes me nervous to think that behind the paneling currently on the walls in the bathroom that I will find more pink tile. Oh well! Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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