Show me whatcha working with!

Since one of the main reasons for starting the blog is to document our progress, I thought it is important to put up before pictures! If you checked out our “About Us” page, you know our new places is a split level. I heard of split levels before we bought this house, but I wouldn’t have been able to picture the floor plan. I grew up the majority of my life in a colonial style house, and then my first place was a cape cod. You might be wondering – don’t I have any family or friends with a split level? Nope! We’ve got just about all other styles covered except a split level. (Apparently, all the split levels are hiding in “burbs” North of the city.) The house has three bedrooms with one bathroom and a sort of half bath in the laundry area. The realtor we saw today at the open house down the street called it a “flush in the laundry room”.  There are 1,984 sq ft of living space, and we have a current copy of the floor plan of our new digs thanks to the appraisal from when we bought the house. Here are the floor plans:

First Floor Layout:

Entry way

Queue Elsie- The floor under the door mat is very ugly, but there is a coat closet! Snap!

Living Room and Dining Room

The last house didn’t have a dining room, so this is an awesome addition. We’ve already started making this space ours!


To put it bluntly the current state of the kitchen sucks. It’s not possible to stand in front of the sink and open the dishwasher at the same time. Forget it if you have two people trying to cook! Plus, there has to be at most 3.5 ft of usable counter space- the worst! On top of the inability to function in the kitchen as a pair, there are these weird cubbies above the cabinets, which were obviously designed to be extra storage. Extra storage yes, but they are still strange.

Second Floor:


Oh yes! That’s right, we have a nice little nook at the top of our stairs, and I can’t wait to turn this space into something awesome.


The first encounter with Phil and Louise’s (the previous and only owners of our house) wallpaper and paneling obsession. Sea-shell border on Christmas tree wallpaper, don’t mind if I do, ewe!

Spare Bedroom 1

Please don’t mind all of our stuff – this room has become the catch-all our miscellaneous stuff. Please note that this room is the first room of wallpaper over paneling. This was a shocker on move in day, who does that?

Spare Bedroom 2 

This room is also known as Elsie’s room. This is the before picture, and again more wallpaper over paneling. Progress has already begun in this space, but it was stalled to get prepared for the arrival of the furniture for the soon to be great room. Max installed the ceiling fan, and I missed taking the original before state! The previous light was nautical themed, whoa!

Master Bedroom

No wallpaper thank goodness! However, the relief is short-lived because there is still paneling and the room is too small for our many dressers. The whole set up personally drives me nuts, but I have to remember we can’t do everything in one day! (even though I’d damn sure try!) It’s just tough working it out with our current furniture and this space. There is brainstorming occurring for other ideas for changing the closet and storage solutions that don’t involve this much furniture!

Part Sub-level Floor:

Family Room-

This is the location where most of our hanging out occurs, as you can see! (Hi Max!) It needs some work, but not as much as some of the other places. We envision knocking down the wall behind the couch and installing some hardwood floor down the road.

Laundry Area and Half Bath-

Nothing too exciting here – the layout isn’t a very efficient use of the space. We’ve talked about changing the whole layout of this floor over and over again.


A deep freezer, extra stove, and more sink. We haven’t used this space too much except to walk through it to get to the office.


This before picture already shows some serious progress. Max hung the wall shelving units the weekend we moved in he was a beast that weekend! Also, we hung a new light fixture that we had bought for the old house but never installed. It looks nice here! Again – we’re hoping to be able to bust through the wall between the office and the family room re-arranging the floor plan.

Basement and “Crawl Space”:

This place has been lovingly refered to by some of our friends as the place where we could keep people if we kidnapped someone – well all except for the door that leads outside. Honestly, I think it’s the little creepy entrance that makes it seems like a torture chamber. The only issue so far is that we discovered the walls leaked a little during Hurricane Irene, but that’s the only time we’ve had water down there.

That’s right – our house has 4 floors!  This wasn’t something I had ever considered as being an option before this place! I can’t wait to change all these spaces!  We know there is a lot of work to be completed before the place starts to feel like ours, and we’re trying not to double our efforts in any area. (note – this is why you don’t see anything hanging on the walls yet) We’re excited to have already made some good progress in some of the rooms, and can’t wait to see it all come together.

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