Color me decided!!!

COLORS, COLORS, and MORE COLORS! There are warm colors, cool colors, primary colors, coordinating colors, bright colors, neutral colors, add infinity! Sheesh- I swear there are just too many to pick from. I’ve stood in Lowe’s and in Home Depot staring at the walls and walls of paint options, and I have even threatened Max that I would drag him into a Sherman Williams store now and again.

Initially, I had picked out some samples that were in the blue-yellow-green-gray family, but there was just one problem – I wasn’t feeling inspired by it. It was funny because each time a friend or family member would come over I would lay the colors out on the floor and ask for opinions, and after every meeting I still wasn’t sure. Each time I would look at the blue I would fall back into the old house color scheme of happy tan, avocado, and denim blue. I want to try something new!  Not to mention we couldn’t find a blue that met the Max and Pam deciding together criteria. (Compromise- who knew?!)

Oh the dilemma!  It had been in the back of my mind that a rust color was something I was hoping to incorporate into the scheme, but I was feeling non-committal about it.  After the arrival of our new couch, I pulled out  some area rugs from our white-rust-blue phase in our old bedroom, and I was starting to lean more towards the fun warm orangey color over our previously discussed uncompromising blue situation. After looking through a few mood boards on one of my favorite blogs (Is it legal to reference another site like this?) and doing a little searching for inspiration on a different home style site I came across this little gem which pushed me over the edge.

Crystal cove contemporary dining room
Hello color scheme and hello compromise!  I knew I would have Max on board (he’s on a boat) because when we were consignment shopping the other day we came across some chairs with rust colored cushions that he wanted – not to mention he let me use this color before! Then our trip to Lowe’s last weekend left us with five colors.
The brown color isn’t quite “rust”, but I think we like this color for a wall paint option a little better – not to mention rust would totally coordinate as an accent color (like the awesome blinds in the inspiration picture above). The next step on our agenda is purchasing paint samples to make sure the colors appear on the wall like they do on the swatch. Soon to be followed by deciding what colors are actually going on the walls and what colors will be accent. Should be fun – thanks Valspar!

2 thoughts on “Color me decided!!!

    • You are my first non-family comment ever! Thanks for reading, I can’t wait to see how it turns out. There will be more pictures to follow as the painting progresses!

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