Jumping Off in Spare Bedroom 2

I apologize for being so long with out a new blog post. Lame I know. I could list the 100 reasons for not blogging in the last 2 weeks, but who cares. I’m back having learned a valuable lesson about motivation and momentum in blogging – when you stop for more than 3 days you lose your dedication!  I’m sure the ‘progress’ pictures of the dining room are much anticipated. However, it’s too dark to take them right now, and I wasn’t going to let that stop me from blogging today. I’m planning on painting primer in spare bedroom 2 this weekend (shh Max doesn’t know yet), so I thought that might be a topic to get back into the groove.

I’m sure everyone is already familiar with the before pictures of Spare Room 2, which is also lovingly referred to as Elsie’s room. In case you missed them in this blog post, here they are again. This view is all the way in the room looking out.

Here is the room facing the opposite direction.  I removed all of the wall paper covered paneling and beige carpet since these pictures were taken. Unfortunately,  I was not blogging at the time of the removal and deconstruction, and I missed the fun demo pictures – my bad. There is Sheetrock underneath of the paneling, and it is this fun green color you can see below.

The modeling was removed with the paneling because it was the cheap stuff and it was in bad shape. As you can tell from these progress pictures, I have already used Spackle to repair the holes created from affixing the paneling to the wall. Again, an awesome photo opportunity was missed, but I do have a great lesson in applying Spackle to share. Many applications of thin layers allow you to wet sand making much less mess than putting it on thick and thinking –  ‘oh, I’ll just sand it off later’. The later was what I choose to do even though someone shared this lesson with me before hand (thanks Dad!). Apparently for me to completely grasp this great parental advice, I needed to do it the hard way. I spent 4 hours sanding and what was a huge mess. Max came home from work one Friday, and there I was in the room sanding away with a 1/8 inch thick layer of mint green dust everywhere.  It took cleaning the floor 4 times before it was the right color again. To give you an idea of how stylish I was looking when I was finished check out these two sandy dudes (who I don’t know – thanks Google Image Search!).  At least I was smart enough to wear a respirator and safety glasses!

I can’t wait to see how the room looks after applying a layer of primer. WOO!

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