Persistently Primered!

I was very fortunate today to be let off of work a little bit early for what my company like’s to call, “quality of life time”. SCORE! I’m sure you’re all wondering what that means in regards to my primer project planned for this weekend? Well, it means I’m finished!

In addition to the walls, I also painted the inside of the closet which added several hour of work to the project. I worked from 3:30 PM until about 10:00 PM with an hour break to get more primer and eat dinner. The house smells a bit like the people who used to live here, and it is driving me nuts. I’m hoping painting all wall surfaces and removing the carpet will contribute to lessening the smell. As of now, everything else I have tried so far (and it’s been a lot of things) hasn’t worked. Anyway, to paint the inside of the closet meant I had to remove everything from it, which contributed to the mess you are seeing on top of the desk. At this point, it’s about progress not perfection, so please don’t mind the distraction.

The walls are white now giving us a fresh perspective on the room and we’re feeling motivated to pick a paint color. We mulled over the idea of still selecting a paint primer mix to further improve the coverage. The choice was made to primer the walls due to the amount of Spackle that was applied to repair the holes from the paneling.  For not even being half finished, the room has certainly come a long way from the before state!

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