House Plant Re-potting Project

I love plants, and I think they work as great affordable decor to make a home feel cozier. I have been pretty lucky to have a good survival rate of my little green friends which is good because it helps when the plants stay alive if you’re using them as decor. So at this point – I know most plants will stay alive, but it always surprises me when one out grows its pot.

I’m annually re-potting these guys into larger pots, and at the rate I’m going I’ll never have to buy new plants just bigger pots. I’m certainly no expert here, but it seems when you take care of your plants they seem to multiply.  Not to mention I have some pretty great family who give house plants as presents (Thanks Ruth!) and split up their plants to help me expand my collection of friends. (Thanks Aunt Nancy!)  I mean really – who doesn’t like free home decorations?

Up until just recently, it didn’t bother me that I had 10 different kinds of plant pots which didn’t coordinate because most of the time they were free. After the move into this new house, it’s really been bugging me. Here’s what I’ve been looking at for since July- all of the plants just sitting in the living room in a pile.

Let me tell you, there are like 12 plants in that pile, and once I was done I felt all WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!  I decided today would be the day to do something about it since I’ve finished up my painting project for the weekend yesterday. I knew I wanted to choose some new pots that were neutral to enable me to place them around the house to create some flow. I picked out two packs of three various cylindrical clear glass vases. I also purchased some rocks to make the vases a little more interesting. See  the new glass pots below.

In addition, I think the wrought iron accents on the new dining table and side tables (as seen above in the before picture) take away from the new silver light fixture in the dining room. To help re-incorporate the silver back into the room I placed silver lamps on the side tables, and the other half of the pots I choose today were silver metal pots. See the new metal pots below.

To start I dragged all my mismatched friends outside.  I started breaking up the plants into smaller portions to fill all of my new pots. An extra bag of potting soil makes this work a lot easier. I found myself scrounging to make sure all of my extra pots were filled with the leavings  from my old pots. Once I was finished, I was feeling whooped and I was very dirty. The new homes for the plants look great and the whole house is starting to look more homey as a result. All in all I purchased each pot for just under 7 dollars, and some of them were quite large – not a bad deal considering how the whole turned out below.

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