BOOM! Dining Room Furniture Arrives!

Here are the much overdue photos of our awesome new dining room set:

We certainly splurged on this purchase, but I did have a 10% coupon! The dining room table extends (on both sides- EXCITING!) and there are six chairs. There is debate of possibly purchasing more chairs toward the end of the year. The buffet was um well it was definitely an impulse buy. We were standing there and I was like, “I want that too”, then Max said his famous “well  what are we saving for anyway” line and of course the sales lady nodded. Here is Max modeling the new buffet:

Looking in the catalog, I loved the wax refurbished pine style of this furniture, but in person the finish did not seem very accident proof. I asked the sales lady, and she was less than convincing. It was decided that we are just too clumsy a family to purchase furniture that looks like it might absorb a spill. I was a little bummed to settle for the darker wood, but I’m loving how it all looks now and how well it is coming together. More pictures to come!

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