Setting the Table

After a few weeks of having the dining room table and buffet situated in place, I was feeling the urge to take it to the next level. During meals, Max and I found ourselves worried about damaging the surface of the table top or turning the buffet into the place where we dropped our keys and stuff when we came in the door. The buffet issue has taken a lot of discipline to walk the extra three whole steps to drop our keys on the Ikea shelf in the kitchen. (we were stink eyeing each other each time we came in the door to see who would mess it up first)  We’re pretty adjusted at this point, but to solve the table dilemma something had to be done.

For a week or so I’ve been just thinking about replacing the place-mats and maybe getting one or two extra to put in the middle of the table. Then during some consignment shopping I came across a set of gold/silver leafed chargers. Prior to that shopping experience, if you had said charger, my mind would’ve drifted to cell phones, cars, or batteries. Now, I have a new definition to at to the list, it’s a platter  and it seems fancy. I got a set of 10 of them and each one was less than a $1.00! As I was putting some felt feet on the bottom of one of them (to protect the table), I noticed a Crate and Barrel sticker. I was looking them up on Crate and Barrel and they run $15.00 or more a piece. Snap! It turns out I got quite a deal!  Here is one of the chargers with felt feet.


Also, I’ve been looking on, and I’ve noticed a lot of people put plants on their dining room tables. I liked it. Between the chargers, the plants (thanks to my re-potting project), and a new set of place-mats I think it turned out pretty nice! It really makes the room feel much more homey.

Set Table

2 thoughts on “Setting the Table

  1. Very nice, interior decorating may be in your future. It pays to shop for bargains. Pam, it looks like something out of a magazine.

    • Thanks! – I think we have a creative gene in our family -either that or its rubbing off from being around you, Mom, and Aunt Nancy! 🙂

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