Black and White and Red All Over

What’s black and white and red all over?


In case you can’t tell, I have stripes on the brain. There has been some serious contemplation about painting the first spare room and somewhere along the way stripes jumped on the train of thought. I’m not the biggest fan of the standard uniform sized and spaced stripage some folks have going on – no offense to anyone with these type stripes- it’s just not so much me. While spending all this time in contemplation, I’ve been searching on line and I came across these top contenders.

Holding the top spot, we have mish-mosh fun stripes. For our application, I think this one would require the same color in a different finish rather than a whole different color stripe. Please look through fun colored chairs to stripes on the walls.

Holding spot numero dos, we have thick and very skinny horizontal stripes. This obviously looks much simpler than the previous inspiration photo.

Taking spot number three, I like again the simplicity of this style. I think that without the chair rail in the room, it might not be the best option for our little project.

At this point, anything goes – we have a color picked out and we’ll just have to see how it turns out!

3 thoughts on “Black and White and Red All Over

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