Blogging and Balance

It is a sad fact that I have not completed a new blog post  in  just about 20 days. The weekend following the my silly stripes post I was able to finish painting the primary color  in the spare room. Unfortunately immediately following the conclusion of the painting which was on a Saturday, it hit me that I had midterm coming up the following Tuesday and  immediately after it (immediately like met someone in school parking lot to go to airport kind of immediately)  I was whisking away to Huntsville, AL for work for a few days. There was no choice for me but to switch my focus from home improvements to the other things that I had going on.

The weekend following my return from the business trip, I had big plans to finish those stripes. Unfortunately, I wasn’t accounting for the fact that I would be wiped out from traveling and well I still had homework to finish. In previous years, I would have pushed through the pain, but these days I’m really learning the value and priority in getting those 6-8 hours a night. This is especially important with the delicate balance that is my schedule these days of working full time (while experiencing a job transition), attending graduate school, and well just life in general. I think this is a good lesson for me that it is OK for me to take a break and that I can’t be superman and do it all, all the time, every time. I’m in acceptance that although I make big plans, I won’t maintain my sanity if I beat myself up for not meeting home improvement deadlines as a result of my (very demanding) life schedule.

I look forward to continue updating you on the slow but steady progress in the house, and I’m going to let go and allow the evolution to take place in the time it’s meant to – that is until I finish school this Spring or Summer.  Stay tuned for additional progress of the spare room in the upcoming weeks.

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