(DesiredItem + MouseClick) – MoneyInMyAccount = Online Shopping

Despite the busy schedule happening around this house lately, something I have found plenty of time for is shopping particularly online shopping. I knew I wanted to work  a pair of chairs or a nice size chair with an ottoman into seating in the living room/ dining room. During recent consignment shopping, I found a chair and ottoman that seemed perfect, but I was trying to wait for the next price drop indicated on the tag. The day after the date that the price lowered, I was there to get my chair, but  it was gone. Oh well, I was not too upset  because I had resigned that if it was meant to be then it would be there on that date at the lower price (particularly because it needed to be re-upholstered – which would’ve been a project), so obviously  it was not meant to be.

Then two Sunday’s ago my mom text messaged me while I was doing homework that Target had  chairs on sale, and they were in my color scheme. A little online searching, followed by some g-chatting with Max, and we had decided we both liked this chair. At the time, it was more on sale then is showing right now (with free shipping), and it seemed like a bargain compared to some of the other chairs we were seeing around. I decided to ‘mull it over’ a bit, and then impulsively purchased them (yes that means I bought 2) one day during lunch last week.

Well the package arrived today and in Zdunosmith household fashion they were quickly assembled for evaluation! Well at least one was until I stopped the presses.  Then a ghost from my past appeared and my old ‘I’m afraid of patterns’ self just reared her ugly head. For those of you who didn’t know me before, I have in the past experienced difficulty embracing patterns and textures, but decided it was time grown into a new style which was more fearless. Needless to say, this has again left me in  mull it over mode. I’m trying to figure out if the chairs go with the couch.  Here is one piece of the chair on the couch, which has a slight pattern to it, with brown pillow:

Target Slipper Chair

Here it is with the rust colored pillows:

Target Slipper Chair

And here is the chair in potential chair location:

Target Slipper Chair and Couch

While I take the next few days to think it over, I’d love to hear if you think I’m just falling into my old – no pattern one texture way  – or am I right to intuitively feel like maybe these things don’t go together?

7 thoughts on “(DesiredItem + MouseClick) – MoneyInMyAccount = Online Shopping

  1. The obvious choice is Pattern + Rust. The rust pillow actually brings some color to the room (as opposed to all brown) and highlights your beautiful wood floors.

    • I like the both sets of pillows and the chairs. I’m thinking I’m going to keep one for another room, but scrap them for the LR/DR. Bummer- back to the drawing board.

  2. I love the shape of the chairs, and the dark legs are similar in color to the brown pillows. The scale of the chair looks small compared with the height of the sofa. (my unprofessional opinion) maybe it is because it is by itself on the other side of the room in the picture. I think that is a great print for you, since it only has two colors. If they were the same but larger in scale, the texture and color difference would work. If you liked the chairs enough to buy them, maybe they would work in another room. If intuitively they are not right with you now, you can return them.

    • Thank you! This is a really great perspective on the height issue the chairs are introducing. All of the other pieces of furniture in the room are taller then the chairs, nice catch!

  3. It may be too soon to tell. I think a different rug can bring more warmth into the room. Not sure about the chair pattern against the more gold in sofa but the pillows tie it together. And although I know it’s not in the plan, I’d like a small oval or circular table in front of sofa. A picture or two will also tie it all together. What’s plan for curtains?

    • That was the same concern I have – the sofa looks really gold in comparison to the chairs. Now I’m noticing the height difference based on one of the other comments, so I’m leaning towards just keeping one for a different room (cause I still like it and it was priced well) and returning the other to the store.

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