The Holiday and the House

Coming up after Christmas, we have the whole week off AND NO SCHOOL! It’s really exciting to finally have time to finish all of the things we’ve been talking about doing for months now. There have been so many weekends that we have planned to do something, but the effort never got off the ground.

Lining up on the agenda for our time off besides cleaning up after Christmas includes:

Tearing down the paneling in the master bedroom and the other spare bedroom,

Tearing out the remaining carpet in the upstairs,

and, painting just about the entire house…

Since we decided on the paint colors a few months ago, I’ve wavered a bit so the final selections might be a bit of a surprise. This week long effort will most likely include tearing out the molding and re-installing new molding in the upstairs and the around the floor downstairs. I’m thinking this week I might walk through all of the things that drive me nuts on a  daily basis as a memorial to what’s about to be no more. Stay tuned.


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