Recent Reno – Post 1 of 6

After spending plenty of time contemplating (while painting, scrubbing, cleaning, sanding, etc) the best way to blog about all of our recent improvement, I’ve decided the best way to cover the whole process is just to go chronically. Six days of renovations makes for six blog posts. We started out with demo on Christmas Eve morning. The first day had a few items on the agenda.

First, we began by taking the paneling down in the spare room that was untouched. Here is the before picture of the room:

Once we starting taking off the paneling we found yellow walls underneath, fun!

Then we spent the rest of the morning spackeling  to prepare for painting as shown in a few pictures below (in the spare room and other rooms). I even got to sand one layer of spackle.

Honestly, everything was pretty tolerable this day.  We only worked for a few hours and we spent as much time working as we did cleaning up after ourselves ( shown below). I spent a lot of time in this laundry sink the last few days.

We tried to plan appropriately, so we could have plenty of time to rest for the Christmas Eve activities. Understandably, the progress wasn’t super exciting as we were still in the tear things down phase of the project.

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