Recent Reno – Post 2 of 6

As soon as we got home on Christmas night, we started packing away Christmas – kind of sad I know. We were keeping in mind the bigger picture and it meant we had to pack and stack away as much stuff away as possible to maximize construction space and items to be cleaned post reno. Preparing the house took easily a half a day of our timeline and here is what the house looks like in construction mode. First, there was stuff piled up wherever we weren’t doing any painting. Such as here:

and here:

Then we piled all of the items that were too large to move in the center of the rooms and covered them with drop cloths.

After finishing up more prep work, I ran around touching up on all of the spackling either by sanding or adding extra layers as necessary while Max started tearing down the paneling. Here is Max now working it!

Once we removed all of the paneling and molding in the master bedroom, it was not looking too pretty.

Next, came the spackling of the master bedroom. Then we began trimming and rolling paint onto the ceiling all throughout the upstairs, living room, dining room, and family room. By the end of the night, the ceiling had a fresh coat of paint. Since we decided to just repaint the ceiling white again, there wasn’t much to photograph but here’s the condition of the master bedroom at the end of day 2.

We also painted samples on the wall to select bedroom color for the master bedroom and the unpainted spare bedroom (the one with yellow walls) as shown by my lovely assistant Max.

I know that none of them are too different then the color that was revealed after the paneling was removed, but that was just chance as we had no idea what color was underneath of the paneling. We took a night to mull over the new color which wrapped up day two of the renovations.

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