About Us

From the age of 18 years old, I knew I wanted to buy a house and it became my first financial goal. My first house was to put it nicely a “fixer upper”. My family and friends spent a whole summer of all DIY hard work to help me make my first place somewhere I called home. (Stay tuned to see how it turned out)

Then boy meets girl, and Max a moved into the house in the Fall of 2009.  By the Spring of 2011, we decided it was time to purchase an “our house”. The 1,080 sq ft cape cod was sold in July 2011 having only been on the market for two weeks (hell yea!), and we were off shopping to find our new place. About 2 miles down the road in the suburbs of Baltimore, we fell for a crying out loud for updates split level that met our has “good bones”, enough square footage, and location requirements.

We starting making plans for changes before we even moved in. The whole house had new interior light fixtures the weekend of the move, and a week later there was a new fridge following a short mini-melt down due to limitations of kitchen space. It didn’t take long before we burned out and realized we needed to take it at a more realistic pace, so I waited a few weeks before kicking it off with another project in one of our spare bedrooms. As I was scooting across the floor with my flat head screw driver and a pair of vice grips removing the carpet staples from the hardwood that was underneath the carpet, I was thinking about how I don’t really have a hobby. Then, it hit me I LOVE THIS STUFF!

I love transforming spaces and making them places that make me feel good. I thought back to my first house (which I loved!) and I remembered my biggest regret was not getting enough quality pictures during the before, during, and after of ALL the many renovation that took place. Feeling inspired by all of the other great home renovation blogs and with my new realization that in fact my hobby is home renovations, I decided to try out blogging and create our own mostly DIY home renovation journal so our family and friends could join us as we spruce it up in suburbia!

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