Impromptu Redo I

When we went to buy this house, stylish was not on our list of “must haves”. If you are reader of this blog, you are already well  aware how much we appreciate the retro styling of our bathroom. Well, I believe we successfully looked past the yellow’d bottom of a trophy marble paneling with pine tree and sea shell wall paper for as long as we possibly could. I’m sure everyone remembers these photos from our before pictures post:

After over a year of living here, our patience has run out, so we rather impulsively decided to execute our back-burnered bathroom remodeling plan leftover from December. For those of you who know me, I know you are all surprised when I made the responsible decision not to over do it in December, and that you’re amazed I  managed to make it this long without just ripping the paneling off the wall. (Don’t worry!  – I am just as shocked, and I’ll take those gold stars now!) After finding this inspiration photograph, we made a few changes to our initial plan in hopes of cutting some cost.

We started out slow. One night after work we took down the wall paper. Luckily, BOTH layers of  wall paper came off in sheets with no water/vinegar mix.

Since we were trying to stay in budget, the next task was shopping around to find prices for all the items necessary to complete the renovation. We opted not to purchase a full vanity with top and instead chose to install a pedestal sink. While we’re on the topic of making purchases, I have to say it never seems to escape me that making all of the purchase for a DIY renovation can take nearly an entire day. This whole day event doesn’t even include the pre-shopping trips to make the decisions and determine  the cost of items.  This shopping excursion ALWAYS makes our first day of work the longest (for every project).

Getting back to the demo, once we removed the paneling we found a mess. Again, there were layers of “enhancements” to be removed as the previous owners choose not to remove the plastic tile and tile glue stuck to the wall before slapping up their paneling.

Bathroom Demo

The bead board paneling we planned to install was much thinner than what we removed, so it was not a question that we would spend our first afternoon scraping glue and tiles off the wall.

Bathroom Demo

All in all it wasn’t so bad. By the end of the first day, we successfully completed the demolition phase and were ready to start the transformation.

Christmas Trees are Festive this Time of Year

But who wants them on wallpaper in their bathroom all year-long? Not this girl, just saying. As many of you are already aware if you read this blog post that in our only full bathroom we have Christmas tree wallpaper as shown below.

Underneath the Christmas tree wall paper is another layer, which it looks like the previous owners tried to paint unsuccessfully. Anyway, I’m sure you might be asking yourselves what coordinates so well with Christmas tree wallpaper, that’s right sea shells.

Oh, the cherry on top of that combination is the yellowed marble print panelling and white linoleum sticky tiles.

Anyway, I’m bringing all of this up because Max so lovingly signed my permission slip to add an affordable bathroom redo to the list of items on the agenda next week. When we found out the paneling isn’t hiding tile earlier this week too, that was all I needed and my mind started whirling. The plan is to replace the current paneling with more modern paneling like shown here. I can’t wait. The state of the bathroom has really pushed the limitations of my tolerance, and I’m really excited for all the upcoming changes.

The game plan right now is to keep the vanity. Also, the lighting is covered because when we moved in we bought a new light fixture for the bathroom. Awesome. The only thing we’re going to have to work into the budget is paneling, new flooring (most likely a better linoleum tile), and well the anticipated big money grip – the new sink top. We’ve been debating checking out some of the reuse/recycle shops around here such as Second Chance of Baltimore. We’re planning to taking our measurements and our searching gloves  and getting our dig on before heading to Lowes or Home Depot to check out new sink tops – again like I already said I can’t wait.

Demo Denial

Last night as I walked out of our bathroom, I heard this little ‘scrape scuff’ and I thought to myself – is the marble threshold loose? I used my foot and attempted to scoot the threshold to repeat the sound. Nothing moved and no sound happened. That quickly I forgot about it! Then this morning came as I’m walking out of the bathroom, ‘scrape scuff’, WHAT? What is that sound?! It was coming from a spot in the middle of the doorway about 1 ft into the bathroom. I found the spot and again, ‘scrape scuff’, ‘scrape scuff’, ‘scrape scuff”! Then BAM it hits me, there is freaking tile under these vinyl stick-ons. OMG – didn’t these people do any demolition in this house before installing updates? No apparently, demo was a foreign concept to them.

The rest of my day went by pretty uneventful, and I even managed to wait until after work to bring it up to Max. (I’m in a strange mood today.) Once I told Max about it, I couldn’t wait any longer, and I had to peel up one of the vinyl stick on tiles to find out what was underneath. I picked an inconspicuous place inside of the linen closet and lifted the vinyl to find…PINK MOSAIC TILE! Whoa.

I’m not quite sure how I’m feeling about the pink tile right now, but I do know it makes me nervous to think that behind the paneling currently on the walls in the bathroom that I will find more pink tile. Oh well! Guess we’ll have to wait and see!