Thinking Outside the Box

Lately, I made time in my just got married schedule to OBSESS about the kitchen remodel we are planning. We have a split level house and the plan is to dedicate one of the floors to a large kitchen and potentially create a small great room. We will have the wall that currently separates the kitchen from the dining room/seating area removed to make an open floor plan. The biggest challenge we face is finding a layout that meets all our needs without breaking the bank. I’m sure this is the challenge that every DIY’er faces during a kitchen remodel.

Step 1 for us in designing the kitchen was deciding what do we need from this new space. We have learned the following valuable lessons from our current design:

  • Storage space in a kitchen is priceless! No one wants to run between two floors over and over and over during dinner.
  • The dishwasher and the kitchen sink should NEVER EVER be on perpendicular planes.
  • Not all ovens are created equal ours for example doesn’t fit most cookie sheets and barely fits a turkey. Oh, and our stove top, it only works on high.
  • White vinyl flooring shows every dirt spot, food speckle, and Elsie drool drip (boxer anyone?).
  • Open lay out kitchens are popular because when entertaining you are not slaving away all alone in the kitchen while everyone else is in another room.
  • Counter top space is valuable real estate in the kitchen and it determines how much actual work space the kitchen provides. We’ve learned that cutting on top of the stove or cabinets is dangerous!

In the first house I remodeled, I regretted having a remove and replace in the same spot mentality.  This time I worked really hard to think outside of the box, so I have came up with twenty or more different lay out options. We have a door on the side of our house that is located in the kitchen which offered a unique challenge.  After ALL that work, we decided on putting the kitchen in its current location. Following that decision, I was indecisive about placing the sink in the island or putting it back in its current location.  This decision came down to the wire, and we literally decided days before ordering cabinets. After a short moment of regret after ordering the cabinets, I’m happy with our decision. The island would have been too long and overpowered the room if we had the sink installed in the island. Here is the final layout choice:


The work has already begun so stay close by for pictures of demo and current progress!