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Now that school is finally O-V-E-R – we’re back!  In an effort to fully recoup after three years of being stretched thin, we’re starting out slow. Our first project involved sprucing up some great furniture that was given to us by a close friend (THANKS- WE LOVE IT!). The furniture is a great color and in awesome condition, so to add our own style to it we decided to update the hardware. The original hardware is shown below.

Old Hardware

The first step was just removing the hardware, which was the easy part! Then we visited both of the local hardware stores to find suitable replacements! After drilling a few new holes (yes Meghan, that’s what she said) into the drawers and cabinet doors we installed the new hardware. All of the updated drawers took up nearly in the entire spare bedroom.

After replacing the hardware, next on the agenda was moving the old furniture out and the new furniture in. Major progress has been made in the master bedroom since we bought our house just over a year ago.

Original Before:

Looking at these pictures makes me really proud of our progress so far! When we first moved in, I couldn’t wait to get started making changes.The work we did in December made pretty big strides from our original state.

In Between:

Now, the new bedroom furniture gives our room a whole new feel, and we couldn’t be happier.


Master Bedroom with New Furniture

Master Bedroom with New Furniture

We’ve made some progress, but as usual there is always still more work that needs to be done:

  • Figure something out about the TV situation (anyone notice the books under the TV?)
  • Bed improvements
  • Curtains and wall hangings
  • Lamp situation
  • Painting molding
Total time to improve – approximately 6  hours (including moving all of the furniture to our house, shopping for hardware, and cleaning out old furniture/restocking new furniture – Thanks for the help Dad!)

Total cost for new bedroom furniture  – $84  Not to shabby!